Moving Illinois Forward

I love this state and the communities I represent in the 43rd District. That is why I have worked to pass legislation that has true impact on the quality of life for Illinoisans. These include working collaboratively with colleagues to ensure our communities, small businesses, schools, healthcare providers and essential workers have been supported during the pandemic. During my time in Springfield, I have championed equal pay for equal work for women, support for workers and collective bargaining rights, pro-environmental initiatives resulting in clean energy jobs and addressing climate change, tax reforms to fund education, gun safety measures, legislation to improve the quality of life for those in long-term care facilities and support access to in-home care to ensure that our seniors and the most vulnerable in our communities are treated with care and dignity and so much more

The past several years have been challenging for all of us. But despite the effects of the global pandemic, we have seen progress in Springfield. I was proud to support several new laws that will help our state move forward: balanced state budgets, improved credit ratings that saves taxpayers millions of dollars in interest payments, a new multi-billion capital program to invest in our roads and schools, cannabis legalization to create jobs and provide social justice, a higher minimum wage to help working families, historic clean energy legislation to reduce pollution and create new thousands of new, good paying jobs.

 I greatly appreciate your support as we work to make a difference and turn today’s progress into a better state now and for the future. 

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